7 Tips to Stay Healthy (And Sane) at an Office Job

Sitting down all day at the office isn’t the ideal way to stay active and have a healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to get in a slump when you’re inside at a desk on a time crunch trying to get a project done. BUT it doesn’t mean you can’t live a healthy lifestyle with an office job! Getting in the habit of making these small changes can make a big difference on your energy levels and focus as well!


One of the biggest factors in staying active and focused is taking short break and stretching. One of the easiest ways to do this is making sure you are taking a break every hour. It’s so important to stretch your body and give your eyes a rest! The app Stand Up is great for reminding you to get up or set your alarm for every 60 minutes to take a small 5 minute break- fill up your water bottle, use the restroom, get your blood flowing! If you work from home, doing 25 squats or jumping jacks will do the trick! At an office space environment, do a few arm or neck stretches to activate muscles that aren’t used frequently in a sedentary position.

Drink Water

Bring your own water bottle! Drinking water is so essential to overall health and has many benefits. Drinking water relieves fatigue, helps with weight loss, maintain healthy skin, and so much more. I know I’m guilty of drinking endless amounts of coffee, but instead of dehydrating yourself with a fourth cup of coffee, having your water bottle next to you will make it much easier to remember! Think about the amount of water you want to drink per day and make a goal. Having a water bottle handy will help you keep track or how much water you are drinking! You can find one of my favorite water bottles on Amazon here.

Take The Stairs

Always the stairs or park at a farther parking spot! You probably always hear this, but taking the stairs and walking more in your everyday movements makes a big difference! Every little bit helps!

Get Active

Make time to work out! Take a walk outside, work out on your lunch break, or work out outside after work! You’ll feel even more lethargic if you don’t work out or move during your day! Most of the time when I’m feeling in a total slump mentally and physically even just a short full body workout will help me regain energy. Consider looking at gyms nearby to get in a short workout on your break or get some steps in outdoors while calling a friend.

Watch your posture!

Consciously making sure you are sitting straight and not slumping over will do wonders for your back and muscles. Also adjusting your monitors to an eye level position to where your neck and shoulder are not straining will help relieve a lot of tension. If you don’t have a monitor, get a laptop stand so you don’t have to look down for hours at a time. You can find an inexpensive option here.

Meal prep

Taking time on one day of the week to prepare meals for your lunches and snacks will go a long way. Not only will it save you time and calories but you’ll be surprised on how much money you save! Another easy swap is bringing your own healthy snacks instead of those sugar loaded office snacks! Some good snacks options are carrots and hummus, fruit leather, Lara bars, green tea, plain oatmeal packets.

Clean your desk everyday!

Straighten up things on your desk, put away any loose papers, and organize your desk for whenever you have spare time! Having less clutter will make you feel more organized and ready to work.

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