6 Beauty Hacks When You’re Sick

We’re right in the middle of cold and flu season and we all can agree- being sick is the absolute worst. When you get hit with a cold or the flu, sometimes you still have to go out and do all the things. Getting ready might be the last thing you want to do, but it will make you feel better throughout the day. So these tips to get you looking great when you’re feeling your worst:

1. Hydrate

First things first, drinking a lot of water is so important when you’re sick! This will help you recover faster and stay hydrated. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and coffee which dehydrate you- opt for some water or hot tea instead, which will help clear your congestion and soothe your sore throat.

2. Cream Blush

Go for cream blush instead of powder blush! Cream makeup gives a soft and luminous color to your cheeks without looking streaky! They are also super easy to apply and look natural on your cheeks. Powder makeup tends to give a more patchy look, even more so when you’re feeling sick. These are all time favorite cream blush also doubles as a lip color and its only $14 with free shipping! You can find them here!

 Bare, Hollywood, Sandstone, and Frenchie Lip/Cheek Colors Bare, Hollywood, Sandstone, and Frenchie Lip/Cheek Colors

3. Go for a Dewy Look

The last thing you want to do is use a powder which fills in the cracks of your skin and makes you look dry! Try a luminous primer to give your skin a healthy glow, before you continue with the rest of your makeup routine. You can shop one of my favorites here.

4. Line with a White Liner

One of the secrets to looking like you just got a couple more hours of sleep is to swap out your black eyeliner. As much as I love a good smokey eye and winged liner, sick days are just not the best days to rock it. Instead of using a black liner to tightline your bottom lashline, use a white or nude eyeliner to make your eyes appear wider and look instantly more awake. You can also use a lighter eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes to make them appear brighter.

5. Stick with A Sheer Lip Color

Liquid matte colors are unforgiving and drying, especially when your lips are already chapped. Swipe on a sheer lipstick or a gloss to give fresh look and some added moisture. You can find my favorite lip color that has a glossy finish with just enough color here (bonus: it also doubles as a blush!)

6. Moisturize your Lips

Having chapped lips and being sick is just not a good combo. The Laneige lip mask is my holy grail lip mask for when you feel like you can’t put on enough chapstick! You can find it here.

I hope these tips helped for days for days when you need to look better than you feel! Last of all, rest up and feel better soon!

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