Why I Switched to Cream Makeup

Before I tried cream makeup, I used to be a die hard liquid foundation girl. I have oily skin, needed the coverage, and had a routine that I was happy with. But then I discovered Maskcara 3D foundation and thought I would give it a try because I absolutely LOVED how it looked on other people! After trying it, I was amazed at the results it gave me that I was never able to achieve with my liquid/powder makeup routine. If you have never considered another foundation besides liquid or cream, read on to see why Maskcara 3D cream foundation is great for all people- young, old, dry, oily, and everyone in between! PS. tons of celebrity makeup artists use cream makeup!

Natural and Glowy

One reason I absolutely love cream makeup is because it looks extremely natural. It looks just like a second skin and blends like butter. Cream makeup gives a natural, dewy finish and creates a youthful glow. It doesn’t change the texture or moisture of your skin. If it does, you probably have the wrong color!

Doesn’t Set, Crease, or Cake

Not only does cream makeup look natural, it also doesn’t set on your face. This means it moves with the natural movement of your face and doesn’t settle into fine lines, pores, or dry skin.For this reason it doesn’t cause creasing or caking which is awesome! For lasting power, it can be set with setting spray and powder but doesn’t have to be. Maskcara has a great setting spray that smells amazing you can find here.

Easy Application

Applying cream makeup is incredibly easy! I used to be so scared of the word “highlight and contour” but it’s really a breeze- anyone can do it!! It applies in thin layers so if you make a mistake with contour or blush, you can wipe it off and start over. Powder products make it difficult to correct any mistakes and can look streaky or spotty when you try to correct any mistakes or blend. You can also get very precise application with cream makeup and create really great definition.

Blendable and Buildable

Cream makeup is also very blendable and buildable. For this reason, you can get a very natural to full coverage foundation using the same products. As you build it up in areas where you need more coverage, it won’t appear cakey or feel heavy.

Right side is with Maskcara IIID cream foundation, Left side is no makeup


Highly Pigmented

Another reason I love cream makeup is that it’s highly pigmented so you only need a small amount! Highlight (foundation) will last 3-4 months, contour 3-6 months, blush 6-12 months, and illuminator up to 12 months! Another tip to get your products to last longer is washing your brushes weekly! This will help you use less product and extend the life of your products even more. At $14 a tin and free shipping, you just can’t beat it!

High Quality Ingredients

Cream makeup is gentle on your skin and doesn’t absorb the natural oils on your face. Maskcara is also made with high quality ingredients which means non- comedogenic (won’t clog your pores), cruelty free, gluten free, and paraben free. If you are worried about an allergy, we have a 30 day customer return/exchange policy.

One reason I love Maskcara 3D foundation specifically is because all the products are streamlined into ONE compact. No more buying a pre-built palette at Ulta and Sephora and only using a few colors! You get to customize your makeup and replace the tins when you need to! If you’re ready to try this amazing makeup too, send me a makeup free selfie to get your customized colors!

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