7 Things I Can’t go Without This March

Hey friends! I am super excited to be launching a monthly series where I share my favorite things from each month with you all! These are a few things that I really took a look at what I use and do most almost daily from beauty to fitness to fashion. Okay so let’s get into it!

1. Bare Minerals Dirty Detox Mud Mask

First up- This mask has been on repeat for me lately and I have been loving the feeling and look of my skin afterwards! Most mud masks tend to have a drying effect but this one doesn’t!! It feels cooling when I apply it and leaves my skin feeling fresh and moisturized. I also have very sensitive skin and have no problem at all with this mask. Highly recommend! You can find it by clicking here.

2. Sandstone Lip/Cheek

Sandstone has been my go-to color for lips and cheeks more than any other color this month! Because it’s a cream product, it’s highly pigmented so I just dab a little on my fingers or my B squared brush (click here) and blend! I also use it as a lip color and love the creamy formula! You can purchase it for $14 with free shipping here.

 I’m wearing “Sandstone” as both a blush and lipstick in this picture.

I’m wearing “Sandstone” as both a blush and lipstick in this picture.

3. Loreal Voluminous Lash Primer

I’ve been using the Loreal voluminous lash primer this past month and have noticed a huge difference in the length and volume of my lashes! Curious about what it does? Lash primer thickens and strengthens your lashes. It also create the perfect base for your mascara to adhere to. This makes your mascara last longer and not transfer! I’ve noticed there’s a lot less mascara under my eyes when I use this lash primer. TIp: Do one eye at a time and apply mascara while the primer hasn’t dried yet. Want super voluminous lashes? Do two coats of the primer and then apply mascara! You can purchase it here.

4. Comfy Denim

If you’re looking for a comfy pair of high waisted denim, look no further than these frayed skinnies!! These were my go- to jeans this month and instantly made every outfit more stylish. I’m totally wishing they made them in more colors! Tip: size down! You can find them on Vici here.

5. “Money Heist” on Netflix

This show is a thrilling series where a group of people led by the “Professor” set up an intricate heist of the Royal Mint in Spain. It is otherwise known as La Casa De Papel and the literal translation of this show is called “The House of Paper”. If you like action series, this one was really hard to turn off. Part 2 is scheduled to come out April 6, 2018 and I cant wait!

6. Lift and HIIT Workouts

This month decided to do a 21 day workout challenge and get some variety into my long weightlifting/cardio sessions. The workouts are designed to combine sets of weight lifting with 2-4 exercises back to back and high intensity cardio (HIIT) in around 30 minutes! If you are wanting to get a killer workout in a short amount of time, consider a program that combines those two elements. My friend Laura can help you a design a program that’s perfect for you here

7. Long Lasting Lipstick

These long lasting liquid lipsticks by Maybelline don’t dry out your lips and have some serious budge- proof power!. This lipstick will last an entire day at work with no touch ups! My favorite shades are Amazonian, Seductress, and Ruler. You can pick it up at the drugstore or get it on Amazon here!

That’s all I have for this month guys! I hope you’ll find something here that you absolutely LOVE too! Thanks for stopping by, see you next month!

XO Jess

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