How to Cover Under Eye Circles Like a Pro

Finding good concealer has been a long process for me and I’ve tried a lot of products on the market to find ones that don’t accentuate fine lines or make me look 300 years old. So I’m super excited to share with you that I’ve finally found a routine I really love! It helps me look like I am well-rested, has amazing coverage, and doesn’t create fine lines or wrinkles! The right concealer will add a few hours of sleep and helps you look bright eyed! If you have dark under eye circles or find yourself frustrated with products that don’t work, keep reading for my tried and true routine!

 Bonus- all my products fit in this one compact! Bonus- all my products fit in this one compact!

First Step If Needed: Color Correcting

*You can skip if you don’t have dark circles*

Color correcting dark circles with the right color will make a huge difference. Depending on what undertones your skin has, there are certain concealer shades that will work best for you!

To cover under eye circles with blue tones, an orange based concealer would be best! It will also help cover dark discoloration. Mango highlight works great for dark blue circles and Frenchie lip/cheek helps cancel blue tones on fair skin. Mango is linked here and Frenchie here

 Color Correcting with Frenchie Color Correcting with Frenchie

To cover under eye circles with purple tones, you will need a yellow based concealer. Sunlit highlight is a great concealer for purple under eye circles – you can find it here.

To cover redness, use a green concealer! Green concealer is great for covering sunburns, wind burns, blemishes, redness, acne, and rosecea. June highlight does an amazing job of cancelling any redness out – it is linked here.

Step Two: Apply Brightening Shade

After you have corrected any dark circles, redness, or anything else you want to cover, the next step is to apply your brightening highlight shade or a concealer a shade lighter than your foundation. I’ve been using Maskcara cream concealer for a year now, I love how it hydrates yet adds beautiful coverage. The best way to brighten and lift your face and get a healthy glow is to apply the lighter shade in an upside down triangle instead of a circle under your eye. Use a very small amount and tap in with your ring finger- you don’t need too much product around your eye! I love to take the concealer on the sides on my nose and then bring the excess concealer from your brush onto my eyelids to create a beautiful canvas for eyeshadow!

Step 3: Blend with Damp Beauty Blender

Next, you want to blend with a damp beauty blender and set with powder. The key to using a beauty blender is to get it damp first- start by running it under the sink until it really expands and then squeeze all the water out with your hands. Then wrap it it in a towel and give it one more squeeze- just for good measure! When blending your makeup with your damp beauty blender, pounce it instead of swiping it so that it and doesn’t soak up your precious products or remove it . Another trick is to look up when you’re blending to get the most natural movement on your face. This way the powder doesn’t crease when you set your concealer! My favorite setting powder for under eye is the Vanilla Dust setting powder. It doesn’t look cakey and keeps my eye makeup from transferring on my face! I dip the damp beauty blender into my powder and pounce it under my eye.

Step 4: Set with Powder

The final step is to set with powder! My favorite powder for setting my makeup is the Vanilla Dust setting powder. It doesn’t look cakey and keeps my eye makeup from transferring on my face! I dip the damp beauty blender into my powder and dab it under my eyes while looking up. This will make it last all day! You can find it here.

Another budget friendly powder options is the Coty Airspun powder linked here!

If you need help finding the perfect shade of concealer for you, I would love to help! You can submit a request by clicking here and I will get back to you within 24 hours!

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