San Diego’s Most Instagram-Worthy Spots

San Diego is such a fun place with so many photographic and “Instagrammable” places! I always feel like there is somewhere new to discover here in San Diego. In the past year that I’ve lived here, I’ve had so much fun being a tourist in my own city. So I decided to put together allContinue reading “San Diego’s Most Instagram-Worthy Spots”

Tips for Getting Motivated When You’re in a Workout Slump

Do you have a gym membership but never end up making it there? Did you set New Year’s fitness resolutions but forgot about them after a few months? Sometimes starting is the hardest part when the last thing you want to do is workout. But once you find a routine of what works for you,Continue reading “Tips for Getting Motivated When You’re in a Workout Slump”

How to Cover Under Eye Circles Like a Pro

Finding good concealer has been a long process for me and I’ve tried a lot of products on the market to find ones that don’t accentuate fine lines or make me look 300 years old. So I’m super excited to share with you that I’ve finally found a routine I really love! It helps meContinue reading “How to Cover Under Eye Circles Like a Pro”

5 Best Apps for Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a fun and engaging way to captivate your audience. These apps help you stand out from the crowd and take your Instagram stories to the next level. While some of the templates on these apps require purchase, the majority of the templates on them are free. These are my top used InstagramContinue reading “5 Best Apps for Instagram Stories”

7 Things I Can’t go Without This March

Hey friends! I am super excited to be launching a monthly series where I share my favorite things from each month with you all! These are a few things that I really took a look at what I use and do most almost daily from beauty to fitness to fashion. Okay so let’s get intoContinue reading “7 Things I Can’t go Without This March”

Why I Switched to Cream Makeup

Before I tried cream makeup, I used to be a die hard liquid foundation girl. I have oily skin, needed the coverage, and had a routine that I was happy with. But then I discovered Maskcara 3D foundation and thought I would give it a try because I absolutely LOVED how it looked on otherContinue reading “Why I Switched to Cream Makeup”